Different Types of USB External Hard Drive Recovery

USB External Hard Drive Recovery

USB External Hard Drive Recovery -Get your data back from your external hard disk

Data Recovery Lab specialises in USB external hard drive recovery. We provide professional USB external hard drive data recovery services in London and other parts of the UK. Our data recovery specialist team can recover lost data from corrupt, damaged or inaccessible external USB hard drives. Data Recovery Lab takes pride in providing our valued customers with the best data recovery services for external hard drives and storage devices which are no longer accessible for various reasons..

3.5″ USB External Hard Drives

USB external hard drives are more likely to get damaged due to the portability and size of the device. There are different types of external USB hard drives such as those with 3.5″ in diametre disks inside the USB enclosure. These types of drives tend to use a separate external power supply. Some USB external hard drive may have more than 2 hard drives configured as RAID 0 or RAID 5.

Toshiba USB External Hard Drive Recovery

Toshiba USB External Hard Drive Recovery

2.5″ USB External Hard Drives

The second more popular type of USB external hard drive are 2.5″ disks which are smaller and much lighter and do not need a separate power supply just using 5 volts power from the computer USB port. 2.5″ hard drive which can also be used for internal digital storage in a traditiona laptop, are usually enlosed in a small stylish box. USB external hard drive recovery in these types of disks are relatively easier and they are less prone to failure because of the size, weight and internal mechanism.

Most Common Causes of Failure in USB External Hard Drives

Some of the most common causes of failure in USB external hard drives are:

  • Hard drive being dropped or knocked over.
  • Hard drive suffering from overheating.

Some of the most famous external USB hard drive brands are Lacie, Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital, Iomega, Toshiba and Freecom. In addition to above mentioned external USB hard drive brands, Data Recovery Lab can recover data from all damaged network attached storage (NAS) external hard disks.

Recovering data from external hard drives can often be complex in particular if they have suffered from physical failure. In such cases, you must seek the professional skills of a data recovery company. In the majority of cases, DIY data recovery is not advisable.

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