1. As a general rule, ampoule handle a hard disk as you would handle an egg. Handle failed hard disk drives with the same care as new drives.
  2. Use the original shipping materials, if you still have them. If do not have them, they are relatively easy to replicate:
  3. Wrap media (i.e. hard disk) in an anti-static bag, tinfoil or simply kitchen aluminium foil to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  4. Use a box that is at least twice the size of the media so that the media can be suspended in the middle of the box. We recommend a minimum of two inches of insulation all around for a 2 lb drive.
  5. Pack securely with foam, bubble wrap, or creased newspaper so the media will not move from the middle of the box. Avoid using peanuts as contents will settle to the bottom of the box.

  7. If sending a PC, laptop or notebook, use great care to ensure proper cushioning and protection. We recommend at least 6 inches for insulation. The heavier the unit, the more insulation and cushioning is required.
  8. Make sure it is clearly labelled as FRAGILE and don’t forget to include the completed and signed media
  9. Fill in the PDF media shipping form. (NOTE: You must use Adobe PDF Reader and NOT the in-built browser PDF reader. If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader, you can download it here.)If you choose to print the form, ensure that you include it in the packaging you send us using the address label at the end of the form.

“SUBMIT” the form and we will receive the details electronically. The delivery address should be as follows:

Computer Forensics Lab
Data Recovery Lab
Euro House
133 Ballards Lane
London N3 1LJ

THE PDF FORM IS HERE FOR DOWNLOAD. When the form is downloaded, just press the “Submit” button.